Monday, November 4, 2013

New Resolutions. Anyone??


How are you today? It's already November! Time flies so fast. Even me myself has not realize it..

Tomorrow is the new year for Muslim around the world. MUHARRAM is the 1st month in Hijri calendar. So guys, do you have any new resolution, new targets ad new dreams to achive? Me as well...  I do list down my new resolutions every hijri year.. and will review them every month on 1st..

My main target for the upcoming years:

1] Completing my master degree. *sigh*. I realy envy to those completed their master and graduated together. But my envious is in a good way. I hope this can make me more motivated to complete mine. Huhu

2] I want to start my own small business. Yeah. Small business before it grows bigger later. For now, i have sell cakes for any occasion. The next, i want to sell something that i like, and i consume for myself. Anyone go for Shaklee suppliments? =)

3] I want to improve my financial education, so that I can do my financial planning greatly. It is no use to have a lot of money but you know zero about how to manage your wealthy.. Right?

Hmm.. I got some more but they are too personal to share with. Do yours too. At the end of the year, you'll see whether you've accomplished your goals or not. Do dreams guys. Dream big then you will achieve bigger. Believe me. Don't forget to pray to Allah. HE is the best helper.

Till we meet again!


Live your life to the fullest.

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