Friday, November 15, 2013

Getting married? Yay or Nay? ^_~

Assalamu'laikum everybody.

How's your day? Me, great.. =)

Actually, i'm writing this because one of my best buddies is getting married. She's so cool without any list and preparation doing yet. Her W-Day just around the corner. about 2 to 3 months from now! That makes me as an ex-bride-to-be getting sooooooo nervous about her big day.. Oh man! It just like i'm getting into the wedding ceremony again! *sigh*

Sooo, if you are one of the bride-to-be, i will listed the web that you can go through can check your need to complete

#1. Journey of bride-to-be by Shakina Farhan - (very recommended. She also has something to be rent out)


#3. (Why italic style.. aiyohh!)


It has a very long list to be jot down here. But i just share a few of them. hope it will help you a little.

Enjoy your journey to be a bride. Do it with your fullest or you'll regret it later.. hehe


Live your live to the fullest!

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