Thursday, November 7, 2013

I Want to Be SLIM BACK!

Hello, happy Thursday. How's your day?


Starting my blog writing with a sigh.. WHY????

Because almost all of my outfits getting smaller.. Err... actually me who is getting bigger.. huhuhuhu TT__TT

So, i've 3 solutions about this matter..

#1. Buy new outfits that fit my current size. But, it cost me a lot of moneyyyyyy! If i were rich, the this option is absolutely my choice! Anyone would like to give me a shopping spree voucher for FREE? C'mon!

#2. Buy slimming products! The gels, the capsules, the powder, the tea the so on, so on.... Do you realize that the slimming products always cost you alot. But, they never give you a promising result that your "slim" figure will last forever... Plus the side effects and so on! Huuuuu... not my choice at all.

#3. Put on your sport shoes, get your butt off and run! Of course my shoe size does not change! And it cost absolutely FREE! Do aerobics at home with son. Do my house chores with no complaints (it seems like i always nagging by doing those chores. hahaha). Wash your car by myself (can save RM10 per visit. hmmm). And...and..and... Window Shopping! Only window shopping. Bring a small amount of money, go to big mall and walk around the place. Easy said than done. because women are always women. Women and shopping are always best friend.. Hewhew..

So, guys. Which one do you prefer more? I always want to choose #3 but I know that I'm not that diligent to do so.. Hurmmm... I love to look slimmer. I love my old outfits too..

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