Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why I Love Being at Home?

Hi all!

Welcome back.... to myself (-_-)"

After a while.. now i'm being at home. Feeling ssooooooo WAHM. wallaweii! actually, I am jobless right now. Do you still remember that one of my wish for this year? (well, i just assume that there are so many readers out there that read every pieces of my words. =p)

Ok. Currently, I am trying hard to finish up my master thesis. Do pray for me, all. And... The best part is....... My home is my office right now.. Feel so free doing anything I want. Do the chores, do the laundry, cooking for the family.. etc.. etc..

The most thing that i love about being at home is, I can cook and eat in small portion of healthy foods! When hungry hunters me, just open the fridge and choose the ingredients for healthy menu. Handmade and homemade. yuhuuuuu... What a bless!

Right now, i just feel like to be home forever! To be a housewife, exactly. But! There is still "but" here. I am gonna be bored if i do not have anything to do. For now, because of the thesis really make me headache, so, i can put away the bored part. When all this ended, i still want to employ again.. huhuu

Ok. Till we meet again!


Live the live till the fullest!

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